Patient Testimonials

Curious about what other patients have to say about Dr. Lowenstein? Browse through our patient testimonials to learn what patients just like you have to say about their experiences with Dr. Lowenstein and minimally invasive spine surgery.


“Dr Lowenstein has changed my life for the better. He fixed my scoliosis so I can feel and walk like a normal person again. If you ever need a doctor to go see, I urge you to see Dr. Lowenstein.”


“I have had many issues with my back. I had my first surgery at 19. I am now 39, followed by 2 more surgeries. My last surgery was so terrible with many complications. I had a recent fall and I was left in worse pain than before surgery. After a fall, I had the familiar feeling that something was very wrong. My symptoms escalated so quickly that it was obvious the damage was severe, which is my greatest nightmare. I researched and found Dr. Lowenstein. He knew how scared I was and never tried to rush me. He explained the damage and his plan to correct it, all the while reassuring me the whole time. I also found his constant smile and demeanor helped to alleviate some of my anxiety. The surgery on my neck was a two-level fusion and discectomy. When I woke in recovery, all my previous symptoms were immediately gone. I did have some surgical pain and some shoulder spasms, yes, but the headaches, tingling, pain, and loss of strength was gone. When he checked my strength the next day, I had almost complete strength in my hands and left foot. I am so happy I chose Dr. Lowenstein and would recommend him to anyone that needs surgery. At my first post-op appointment, I actually hugged him. He may also have a plan to fix my lower back, which would change my life. Thank you again, Dr. Lowenstein!!”


“He is compassionate, patient, thorough, clear, professional, educated, excellent!”


“Dr. Lowenstein did surgery on my daughter and did an awesome job. He was so patient and understanding with her and made her feel secure. Wonderful, caring doctor who had a very success surgery with my daughter.”


“He did an amazing job on my friend’s daughter’s surgery. Without the surgery performed, she would not be able to move like she is able to now, and for this makes him extraordinary.”


“[Dr. Lowenstein] operated on one of my family friends, he was very kind to them, and was a phenomenal doctor, and the surgery was a success!”


“My dear friend’s daughter had very complicated surgery with [Dr. Lowenstein] and the entire process was phenomenal. A cyst was removed from the spine and the child is now doing great!”


“My son was 16 at the time of his diagnosis of scoliosis. It came on quick and it was pretty severe-64-degree-curvature. So he needed surgery right away. This was a very difficult time for an active teen boy to find out he needed a serious spinal surgery. Dr. Lowenstein was very patient and kind in walking us through the process. He always took all the time we needed and made us feel as comfortable as he could. We so appreciate his medical expertise as well as his wonderful bedside manner.”


When a close friend of mine needed to find a spinal surgeon for her daughter, Dr. Lowenstein was everybody’s recommendation. He is an excellent surgeon who took fantastic care of her- before,during and well after her procedure. Watching a young child go through a really extensive surgery is difficult, but we all knew she was in great hands with him. A year out and she is doing great! Thanks Dr. Lowenstein!”


“I had herniated disc surgery by Dr. Lowenstein in August 2014. I came to the office with terrible back and leg pain. After surgery, I felt great. Dr. Lowenstein came by every morning at the hospital to see how I was feeling. His follow up care was comforting. He took his time with me and answered all my questions, without rushing me. I highly recommended Dr. Lowenstein.”


“I had extreme leg pain due to spinal stenosis that left me unable to walk for at least 6 months. Dr. Lowenstein gave me my life back. I have no more pain anywhere at all. He did an amazing job.”


“I had a L4/L5 discectomy/laminectomy in January 2014. I could not have expected better results!! The inflammation of the sciatic nerve was incredibly painful, both pre and post operation but based on the direction and advice of Dr. Lowenstein and Jaime, his physician assistant, I am pain free and feel better than ever. I wanted to go back to work after 4 weeks, but I followed their orders and took the time to allow the nerves and muscles to heal completely before resuming “normal” activity. Now, I’m very happy that I listened to their advice. My greatest thanks and highest praise to Jason Lowenstein, Jaime, and Liz for their very professional manner. But more importantly for the outstanding results that their expertise was able to achieve for me, which was a pain free back and leg.”


“The reception staff is exceptionally friendly and accommodating. Wait time is normal as in any doctor’s office. Lisa made sure I had all the information I needed before I left. She was very helpful and answered all of my questions. Dr. Lowenstein is the first doctor that I’ve met who takes the time to show his patients he cares. I trust his medical opinion without hesitation. And that’s not easy for me. 😉 Everyone there is always smiling! It’s a wonderful atmosphere. I am so grateful I found the right center to trust!”


“I received a very quick appointment when I called and the staff and doctor were prompt and professional at my appointment. I am very well satisfied with Tri-County Orthopedics to date.”


“The waiting time for my appointment was minimal and the staff was polite and professional. Dr Lowenstein was very friendly and his discussion with helped me understand the condition and recommendations for treatment, which has resulted in an excellent and painless recovery. This medical group at Tri-County Orthopedics has my unconditional endorsement and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking the best care possible.”