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When it comes to the complex topic of spinal deformities, our condition and treatment pages can only begin to scratch the surface. For example… Do you have a rare spinal deformity—like Adult Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome (ATSCS)—that doesn’t receive much press? Or, perhaps your child has idiopathic scoliosis—admittedly, a much more common condition than ATSCS— but you need to ask a less “common” question, like: “Can genetic testing predict how severe my child’s condition will become?”

You can find all of these topics—and much more—in our ever-expanding library of spinal deformity content. Access our blog to discover the latest advancements in minimally invasive spine surgery. Or, learn how non-surgical treatment options, like physical therapy, can enhance the quality of your life. Get to know more about Dr. Lowenstein’s philosophy of patient care. And, receive expert advice directly from an industry-leading specialist in spinal deformity care. But, most importantly of all: Find out how you (or your child) can enjoy an active, healthy life, completely free of pain! Check our blog regularly to discover innovative (and scientific) tips to manage your pain!

8 Surprising Ways Scoliosis Can Affect the Body Scoliosis can affect the body in unusual ways. From reproductive consequences to lung dysfunction, the widespread impact of scoliosis on your organs may surprise you. Before we look more closely at scoliosis symptoms, let’s quickly review some scoliosis basics. What is Scoliosis? When you were in elementary […]

Vote Dr. Jason Lowenstein for New Jersey’s Favorite Kids’ Doc! Needless to say: It’s been a hectic year for the healthcare heroes in our lives. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for our frontline workers, who responded to the enormous undertaking without seemingly skipping a beat. Up until May 31st, you can give back […]

Surgical Treatment of 8-year-old with Neurofibromatosis & Scoliosis This 8-year-old young woman with Neurofibromatosis presented for evaluation of scoliosis. She was found to have a 36-degree scoliosis, with a large plexiform neurofibroma identified along the convexity of her scoliosis. She initially underwent surgical resection of Neurofibroma, which was approached through a right-sided thoracotomy. Discussion was […]

Dr. Jason Lowenstein Featured in “Top 10 Surgeons to Know” Dr. Lowenstein has received numerous awards during his prestigious career as a minimally invasive orthopedic spine surgeon. Of these, a recent accolade has garnered Dr. Lowenstein local buzz as well as national recognition. In January, Becker’s Spine Review named Dr. Lowenstein a “Top 10 Surgeon […]

Innovative Treatments for Spinal Scoliosis Think you might have spinal scoliosis? Believe it or not, many people who suffer from this condition don’t even know that they have it! Meanwhile, others have such severe cases that it drastically impacts how they approach their daily lives. These people may require surgery, while others can coast by […]

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