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When it comes to the complex topic of spinal deformities, our condition and treatment pages can only begin to scratch the surface. For example… Do you have a rare spinal deformity—like Adult Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome (ATSCS)—that doesn’t receive much press? Or, perhaps your child has idiopathic scoliosis—admittedly, a much more common condition than ATSCS— but you need to ask a less “common” question, like: “Can genetic testing predict how severe my child’s condition will become?”

You can find all of these topics—and much more—in our ever-expanding library of spinal deformity content. Access our blog to discover the latest advancements in minimally invasive spine surgery. Or, learn how non-surgical treatment options, like physical therapy, can enhance the quality of your life. Get to know more about Dr. Lowenstein’s philosophy of patient care. And, receive expert advice directly from an industry-leading specialist in spinal deformity care. But, most importantly of all: Find out how you (or your child) can enjoy an active, healthy life, completely free of pain! Check our blog regularly to discover innovative (and scientific) tips to manage your pain!

Innovative Treatments for Spinal Scoliosis Think you might have spinal scoliosis? Believe it or not, many people who suffer from this condition don’t even know that they have it! Meanwhile, others have such severe cases that it drastically impacts how they approach their daily lives. These people may require surgery, while others can coast by […]

Meet Dr. Jason Lowenstein: Your Scoliosis Specialist No one wants to suffer from chronic scoliosis pain. Often, this means seeking out the guidance of a qualified scoliosis specialist. When you find yourself in chronic discomfort, you want to make sure that you’re enlisting top-of-the-line care. This is where Dr. Jason Lowenstein comes in. Dr. Lowenstein […]

Dr. Jason Lowenstein Featured in “Top 100 Classic Papers on Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis” Over the past 25 years, surgical researchers have made drastic advances in the sphere of surgical scoliosis correction. Industrious researchers have invented sophisticated new surgical hardware, broadened the scope of non-surgical treatment options, and published fascinating papers on adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. In […]

14 Types of Spondylolisthesis Needless to say, your spine is an exceedingly complex structure. It’s composed of numerous moving parts that bear a continuous load. Just consider all the bending and flexing that your spine must do throughout the day. It’s no surprise, then, that the spine wears down over time. It’s a natural fact […]

Dr. Lowenstein Earns Nationwide Top Doctor Recognition…Again Ever wonder who doctors turn to when they need medical help for themselves or their loved ones? This is exactly the premise of the Castle Connolly Top Doctor Award. Those who are listed as Castle Connolly Top Doctors are nominated by fellow physicians and allied medical professionals throughout […]

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