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No significant change seen in obesity status after TLIF despite clinical improvements

Although investigators found improvements for function and pain, they discovered no significant change in weight after obese patients underwent transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion. Source: Healio Read more

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Depression linked with worse subjective outcomes after epidural steroid injection for spinal pathology

Investigators found that after lumbar epidural steroid injection for degenerative spine disease, patients with depression had worse absolute scores for patient-reported outcomes and higher disability compared with patients who were not depressed. Source: Healio Read more

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Preoperative diagnosis predictive of patient satisfaction after lumbar spine surgery

Researchers identified patients who underwent lumbar spine surgery and were enrolled in the Quality Outcomes Database. Patients completed the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) and Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) for back pain and leg pain preoperatively and at 1 year after surgery. Investigators grouped patients according to their diagnosis and response to a question regarding satisfaction. […]

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Model developed to predict development of complications in adult spinal deformity surgery

Investigators developed a model that used baseline radiographic, demographic and surgical factors to predict major intraoperative or perioperative complications after surgery for adult spinal deformity. Source: Healio Read more

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Aging spine poses challenges for acetabular cup positioning

Coordinated movements of the spine in conjunction with the pelvis and hip, known as the hip-spine connection, may adversely affect or limit both areas of the body, particularly when pain is present. Surgeons may be able to identify the cause of pain in the hip or spine that is vague or does not follow a […]

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